What did the time go last night?

For the last few nights I manged to find time to create a blog entry. Most were small and didn’t require much time to write. Last night, I let myself get distracted by a new toy I brought home from work.

We are thinking of ways to use smart devices for some new projects. We got two devices, an iPod Touch and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I got to experiment with the Galaxy Tab while a coworker tried out the iPod. Once I got home, it was a simple task to connect to the home wireless network. Since I have been using an Android phone for over a year, the Galaxy was easy to use. I hope to share my thoughts about the Galaxy and our project ion the future.


A not-so-enjoyable commute … speeds were as slow as 3000 feet per hour!

Normally the drive home at night is uneventful. Tonight was different. A multi-vehicle accident (complete with fire trucks, ambulances,  tow trucks, and highway patrol cars) caused a traffic jam that impacted motorists in four lanes on the northbound freeway. And the backup started just as I entered the freeway.

My nightly commute should take between 25 and 30 minutes. Tonight I managed to drive only three tenths of a mile in 30 minutes. I believe that is about three thousand feet per hour. Luckily, once I drove past the wreck and tow truck, things improved dramatically. The remainder of the commute took about 20 minutes.

It has been a “social media day” today …

I guess I have too much time on my hands. Today I was more social than most days in the past month.

  • I browsed Facebook several times and responded to some posts from my family
  • I replied to a tweet from someone I follow, but had never interacted with before
  • I started the Seesmic application on my Android phone for the first time in about a month
  • I actually sent out an unsolicited tweet
  • I also interacted with a few new people on Google+
  • I created this new blog post
Tomorrow it will back to normal … lurking in some dark corner of the Internet reading my social media sources and waiting for another day to socialize with more people.

Go Figure … it’s Friday

Random things that happened today … Go Figure!

  • Found out that I am still too short for my current weight (up more than 6 pounds since last check 4 months ago)
  • Lunch portion was too large … took some back to office, but I don’t really feel like eating left-over Oriental food
  • On the drive home, received call from home. Guess what? Family wanted Oriental food for supper
  • Took a while for family to decide what to eat once I got home … Take-out Mexican food was final decision
  • Take-out place was busy! Some credit card payments were not able to be processed. Manager basically “gave away the food” … but my credit card was processed okay
  • Because I worked later than normal, I missed the fourth major dust storm that occurred this summer in the Phoenix area
  • I originally posted this in the wrong portion of this blog

I almost forgot …

Here it is after 11:00 PM again. If I don’t start writing something I won’t complete my (unofficial) goal of at least one blog entry per day.

I don’t have much to mention tonight. I just need to organize my time better so that I can start (and hopefully) finish at least one blog entry daily. I have spent too much time in meetings and training this week.

Washing some of the Haboob dust of my car …

Tonight while filling up my car at a local gas station I noticed that my windows really needed cleaning. After all, parts of Phoenix endured another haboob (or duststorm) last week. This year’s monsoons have produce at least three major dust storms across  the Phoenix area.

I grabbed the squeegee from the container between the gas pumps. I attempted to clean some of the dust and road grime off all of the windows. All I did was move the dust and grime from one portion of my windows to another.

Tonight’s night time temperature was close to 110 F. The moisture from the squeegee evaporated almost as fast as I put on the windows. I just hope that I didn’t make things worse by trying to clean up my act.