Use your imagination …

Tonight I drove home later than normal. As luck would have it, tonight’s sunset in Phoenix was one of those Kodak moments that happen often. I didn’t have my camera with me, so all I could do was enjoy the picturesque scene in the western sky. I can’t really describe the colors (golden yellow, orange, and pink) that were being reflected off the scattered clouds that hung low on the horizon.

I know some of you who live in Arizona have seen many gorgeous sunsets in real life or pictures that are often featured in such magazines as Arizona Highways. Just imagine one of those times when you were lucky enough to witness a beautiful Arizona sunset.

If you don’t live in a place that has sunsets such as those we get to experience here in Phoenix, search the Internet for “images Arizona sunset” and then use your imagination. You can also go to a newsstand or library and browse through the magazines. Hopefully you will find a beautiful picture of a sunset.


There should be more hours in the day …

It happened again! I failed to post a blog last night or maybe the last two nights. Anyway, here is another feeble attempt to put some words together.

I don’t know if anybody will ever read these words. That’s not the point. I  just expend a little effort to make sure that a few random letters interspersed with some appropriate punctuation entered into my blog actually make some sense.

The chances for success decrease with each waning moment of the day. I wonder if my thoughts would be more coherent in the early morning? Or, is that wishful thinking on my part? I may never know. It’s late and is definitely time for bed.