I almost forgot …

Here it is after 11:00 PM again. If I don’t start writing something I won’t complete my (unofficial) goal of at least one blog entry per day.

I don’t have much to mention tonight. I just need to organize my time better so that I can start (and hopefully) finish at least one blog entry daily. I have spent too much time in meetings and training this week.


Washing some of the Haboob dust of my car …

Tonight while filling up my car at a local gas station I noticed that my windows really needed cleaning. After all, parts of Phoenix endured another haboob (or duststorm) last week. This year’s monsoons have produce at least three major dust storms across  the Phoenix area.

I grabbed the squeegee from the container between the gas pumps. I attempted to clean some of the dust and road grime off all of the windows. All I did was move the dust and grime from one portion of my windows to another.

Tonight’s night time temperature was close to 110 F. The moisture from the squeegee evaporated almost as fast as I put on the windows. I just hope that I didn’t make things worse by trying to clean up my act.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure …

Recently my wife and I placed several unwanted items (i.e. trash or junk) from our garage and side yard in a large pile near the street. We were getting ready for the quarterly bulk trash pickup event. The city of Phoenix sends out a special crew to pick up these unwanted items. Most items won’t fit in the normal trash receptacle used for the weekly trash pickup.

Within minutes, several different individuals driving through the neighborhood stopped to examine our growing pile of trash. At one point, we were still bringing out more junk as scavengers were trying to decide how they were going to transform our junk into some form of treasure. Our large pile of trash quickly shrank down to less than one third the original size.