What did the time go last night?

For the last few nights I manged to find time to create a blog entry. Most were small and didn’t require much time to write. Last night, I let myself get distracted by a new toy I brought home from work.

We are thinking of ways to use smart devices for some new projects. We got two devices, an iPod Touch and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I got to experiment with the Galaxy Tab while a coworker tried out the iPod. Once I got home, it was a simple task to connect to the home wireless network. Since I have been using an Android phone for over a year, the Galaxy was easy to use. I hope to share my thoughts about the Galaxy and our project ion the future.


It has been a “social media day” today …

I guess I have too much time on my hands. Today I was more social than most days in the past month.

  • I browsed Facebook several times and responded to some posts from my family
  • I replied to a tweet from someone I follow, but had never interacted with before
  • I started the Seesmic application on my Android phone for the first time in about a month
  • I actually sent out an unsolicited tweet
  • I also interacted with a few new people on Google+
  • I created this new blog post
Tomorrow it will back to normal … lurking in some dark corner of the Internet reading my social media sources and waiting for another day to socialize with more people.